Need to pass a drug test?  Want to detoxify naturally and safely?  Choose from a wide range of products specifically designed to meet your needs.  From occasional users to heavy users, urine tests to hair tests and even saliva tests, find everything you need right here.  Our products have been tested extensively and are guaranteed to be effective and safe.


Our complete line of natural products covers all of your needs.  This website has been designed to help you find the product that is right for you so that you can walk into any testing situation feeling confident that you will pass.  All of our products have been specially formulated to allow you to detox safely, comfortably, and most importantly, they are all 100% guaranteed effective.

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Pass any drug test in confidence with our safe, natural, effective products.  Detoxify and clean your system with our high quality products and feel confident knowing that our products are guaranteed to work.  When you need to be absolutely sure to pass a drug test, choose the best and put your mind at ease.  No need to stress, all of our products come with a full money-back guarantee. 

Restore Shampoo - Maximum Strength

TriMax WTR align=Since hair drug tests can show months of your body's history, this product was developed in collaboration with hair care professionals to provide guaranteed results. Includes our complete and proven hair detoxification instructions.

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TriMax Weekly Toxin Removal

TriMax WTR

Safely and effectively removes toxins from urine, saliva and hair for complete confidence in passing any kind of hair drug test, saliva test, and urine drug tests. Both the capsules and the shampoo are guaranteed effective and cannot be detected by any type of drug test.

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Max DTR - Herbal Cleanse Drink

  • All natural drink eliminates unwanted toxins from your system
  • Pass a test for up to 8 hours after drinking
  • Tastes great, no unnatural chemicals. Available in fruit punch and grape flavors
  • 100% money back guarantee

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How to choose the right product for you


What type of drug test are you taking? Urine test, hair drug test, saliva test, or don't know?
If you don't know. Choose a total body cleanse to cover all 3.


When is your drug test? We offer fast detox products and longer more complete options. Choose the one that best fits your schedule. But remember the longer you detox the more toxins are removed from your body.


The last things to consider when choosing a detox product is:
How often do you use and how much do you weigh? Remember, drug toxins are stored in fat cells.
The amount of toxins taken in, and the amount of "storage" you have will determine how fast you can pass a drug test.

Free Home Test Kits

home test kit

FREE! Home test kits with all urine drug testing products. Test yourself in the privacy of your own home or office. Know if your ready for your drug test before you go.